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Suitable Routers

The Clone 3D & 4D can accommodate 88.9mm ( 3.5″ ) and 106.7mm ( 4.2″ ) diameter round bodied routers.

Clone do not directly supply routers.

4.2″ router motors

• High torque motor that won’t slow down under load
• Variable speed control from 10,000 to 20,000rpm
• Massive 2400 watt motor with ‘sealed for life’ bearings
• Perfect for routing hard and softwoods with large or small diameter cutters
• Quiet running and virtually vibration free routing

These motors can be purchase on by following this link .

They are also available from 

Xact router motor

Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 HP Router – US & Canada Only

The 3.5″ round bodied Bosch 1617EVS router is recommended for US and Canadian residents. They can be purchase from by following this link

Suitable Cutters

Clone do not directly supply cutters.

4 Piece Round Nose Router Bit Set

For general carving, the 4 piece round nose router bit set shown opposite is a good choice. They are very similar to the bits used in all of the Clone demo videos. They can be purchased from Amazon by following this link.

Stylus tips

All fully built Clone duplicators come with one 14.7″ (+1mm) round nose stylus tip. Additional stylus tips are made to order to customers requirements.

£20 each for nylon tips

£25 each for steel tips (steel is used on small diameters for added strength)

All tips come attached to a machined stainless steel round bar.

Ordering additional stylus tips.

When ordering additional stylus tips please send dimensions of the cutter you would like the stylus tip pairing with and specify whether you require the tip to be ‘like for like’, +1mm diameter, +2mm diameter etc.

Round nose or flat bottom cutters?

Round nose stylus tips move over the master easier, and the cutters tend not to lift the wood when cutting quite as much as flat bottom cutters. ‘Like for like’ flat bottom cutters are recommended when carving cut outs, channels etc.