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Clone 4D plans
Clone 4D Digital Download Information Pack

Last year, Clone asked visitors to the website whether or not they would be interested in buying a Clone 3D or Clone 4D digital download information pack. The packs would contain all the information and files needed to build either the 3D or 4D duplicator and rotating clamping system.

Despite the survey showing a favourable response, we made the decision to put the release of the packs on hold. Then came the Brexit fiasco, which is creating some uncertainty around imports from the UK to EU countries (and the resulting import duties that may have to be paid).

With this in mind, we have decided that now would be a good time to go ahead and release one of the information packs, making it easier and cheaper for our customers (especially those in the EU) to have the opportunity to build and own a Clone duplicator.

Currently, just the Clone 4D information pack is available (for a trial period only). However, If the 4D information pack proves popular, then a Clone 3D information pack will also be offered.

For more information and to download the Clone 4D digital download information pack, please go to cloneduplicators.uk/clone-4d-plans