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Complete Clone 4D stock duplicating setup for sale

Here we have an opportunity to purchase a complete stock duplicating setup, which is being advertised here on behalf of a customer of ours. The Clone 4D shown in the pictures has been built from a Clone 4D kit by the customer themselves. Any inquiries or transaction made as a result of this advert is between the current owner of the equipment and the potential buyer and not Clone Duplicators.

Clone 4D duplicator on a purpose made table. The table is very sturdy and includes a large storage facility underneath for stock material etc. It is lipped to contain shavings and there is a hole in it which a bin liner can be attached to sweep the shavings into.

There are two routers included, which have not had much use at all. (both cased and including all their accessories and there is a range of cutters and purpose-made stylus’s to suit gun stock production.

The band saw was bought second-hand for rough shaping of the stock material. Also included in the sale is a thicknesser/planer which is virtually unused.

There is a collection of fixtures and fittings for mounting stocks on the copier that we made to ease and speed this process up. Finally, there is an extractor system which can be piped to a location near to the router head to facilitate some removal of the shavings.

Overal, this is pretty much everything you would need to get up and running in stock copying.

For more information please email Rich using the contact form below.