Clone 4D Plans £24525% Off Sale – £183

To reduce the cost of owning a Clone 4D we are now offering a Clone 4D digital download information pack.

The information pack consists of all the information and files needed to build a Clone 4D duplicator and rotating clamping system.

Clone 4D plans

Clone 4D Digital Download Information Pack

How to buy: 

£183 GBP ( Convert £183 GBP into your currency here )

To download the Clone 4D digital download information pack :

  • Download this purchase agreement and fill in your details on page two.
  • Email just page two to
  • On receipt of the completed form, a Paypal invoice for £245 £183 GBP will then be emailed to you.
  • Once payment has been received, you will be sent an email (within 24 hours) containing your login details for the download area.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to download all the files mentioned above and watch the build videos.
  • Your access to the download area and build videos will expire 12 months after purchase.

What’s included:


PDF 1. contains details of all the standard off-the-shelf parts that need to be purchased, such as bearings, knobs, sprockets, chain, etc.

PDF 2. is the comprehensive Clone 4D build manual. The build manual covers the step by step building of the Clone 4D and fabrication of all the non-standard custom made parts.  


The DWG file pack consists of 25 DWG files for the custom aluminium CNC cut parts. The DWG file format can be used by a CNC waterjet or laser cutter to produce the 2D parts.  Note: A DWG file viewer, or CAD software, is needed to view the files.


Over two hours of build videos have been produced to help with the build process. The videos show the building of a Clone 4D from start to finish. The videos have been shot in the same sequence as the steps shown in the build manual and offer a valuable source of reference material for anyone building a Clone 4D.


Q. What skill level is needed to build a Clone 4D?

A. The builder will need to have a good level of metalworking/fabrication skills. Access to: a lathe, milling machine, pillar drill, metal cutting saw, etc. Other standard metalworking tools such as metric drill bits, end mills, taps, dies, and reamers will also be needed.

All tools required for construction are listed in the build manual.


Q. Which models can be built using the information?

A. The standard Clone 4D (carving area of 350mm x 800mm x 150mm) and the Clone 4D Extra (carving area 400mm x 1000mm x 150mm) can be built using the digital download information pack. Note: Depth will vary depending on the length of the cutter being used.


Q. Can I build the Clone 4D and sell it for profit?

A. Definitely not, the standard licence allows you to build one machine for your own personal use only. 

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A customer’s Clone 4D built from plans

Recently we received an email from Jason who has just completed his Clone 4D, built using the plans package. Jason has kindly agreed to us sharing his email and pictures of the finished machine on the website:

I thought you guys may appreciate seeing one of your designs finished. I subsituted some of the aluminum parts for steel as aluminum is hard to find and pretty expensive in my area. Although I’m American I stayed true to using all metric bolts. The gun stock you see is a pattern from a Westley Richards 1897 (originated from England). It was my first attempt at using the duplicator so still learning. Thank you for the plans.

Clone 4D plans
Clone 4D plans
Clone 4D plans
Clone 4D plans