Clone 4D

Clone 4D – bridging the gap between CNC & hands-on woodworking.

With its array of innovative features the Clone 4D copy carver is
“The most versatile router duplicator on the market”

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the maximum size blank the standard Clone 4D will carve?

A. 350mm wide x 800mm long x 150mm deep. Note: Depth will vary depending on the length of cutter

Q. Do you make the Clone 4D duplicator in different sizes?

A. Yes, the Clone 4D comes in two models:

Clone 4D – Standard (carving area 350mm x 800mm x 150mm).

Clone 4D – Extra (carving area 400mm x 1000mm x 150mm).

Note: Depth will vary depending on the length of cutter being used.

Customers who require a wider duplicator, take a look at the Easy Carver which can carve up to 600mm wide.

Q. What router do you recommend?

A. The Clone 4D has been designed for 88.9mm ( 3.5″ ) diameter round bodied routers. If you live in the US or Canada then the Bosch 1617EVS would be a good choice. For customers living in Europe or Australia then the larger 106.7mm ( 4.2″ ) Xact (may be branded differently in your country) router motor can now be used. The Xact router motors can be purchase from by following this link . They are also available from 

Q. What router bits do you recommend?

A. This all depends on the individuals requirements. However for general carving (and if you live in the UK) this  4 Piece Round Nose Router Bit Set would be a good choice. They are the same cutters used in all of the Clone demo videos. For US residents this Round Nose Bit Set is very similar.

Q. Does the machine come with any stylus tips?

A. Yes, unless a different size tip is specified when ordering, a 1/2″ (12.7mm) +1mm oversized diameter (14.7mm) round nose tip will be supplied with the machine. Other stylus tips are made to order to the customers specific requirements.

Q. Is the work piece completely smooth when finished?

A. No, as with all types of router duplicator, final sanding / finishing is required. However the more time you spend on the final carving the better the finish will be. In most cases it is best to leave the carved blank slightly oversized and sand to the required finished dimensions.

Q. Does the price include VAT?

A. There is no VAT to pay. However some international customers may need to pay import duty/taxes.

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