Clone 4D digital download information pack

To make the Clone 4D more affordable we are considering offering a complete Clone 4D digital download pack.
This will include all the information required to build a Clone 4D and the rotating clamping system in one downloadable product:

  • The Clone 4D build manual
  • 2 hrs of HD build videos
  • All the CNC DWG files for the custom made aluminium components
  • A comprehensive parts list

The current option available for building a Clone 4D is to buy a Clone 4D kit, which includes all of the CNC cut parts, bearings, and other standard components. The digital download information pack will not include any physical parts, just the information and files needed to build a Clone 4D. Sourcing and buying all the parts yourself will make building a Clone 4D much more affordable.

The estimated cost of the Clone 4D digital download information pack will be around £195 UK pounds.

Your feedback

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