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Rotating Clamping System

Clone 3D rotating clamping system

The rotating clamping system enables 360 degree carving.

The rotating clamp system comes in two parts. Unit One has two adjustable stainless steel centres. Unit Two houses the workings which enable the master and blank to rotate in unison. Having the workings inside the aluminium housing keeps the components free from dust.

The main shafts on Unit Two can be locked to prevent them from turning when carving. The aluminium faceplates are removable and have plenty of screw fixing holes. Both Units have 6 height positions. 

You can see the rotating clamping system in use by watching the Clone 3D gun stock carving demo video.


Rotating clamping system for Clone 3D CD300£995

Rotating clamping system for Clone 3D CD400£1045

Rotating clamping system for Clone 3D CD450 – £1145