A high quality professional grade duplicator - capable of copy carving many 3D items including...
Guitar Bodies | Gun Stocks | Musical Instruments | Propellers | Furniture Components..

Clone 3D design features

Clone 3D adjustable router head

Adjustable Router Head

Designed for 88.9mm (3.5 inch) and 106.7mm (4.2mm) diameter round bodied routers. The router head can be adjusted to allow the cutter to finish vertical. Very handy for cutting channels etc.

Adjustable Stylus Clamp

Fully adjustable stylus clamp for maximum accuracy and flexibility.

Clone 3D stylus clamp
Clone 3D anti kickback brake

Dual ‘Anti-Kick-Back’ Braking System

When making deep cuts the router will try and kick back the router assembly. When applied, the ‘Anti-Kick-Back’ braking system ( fitted as standard to all machines ) will prevent this from happening.

Brake Handle

Thoughtfully positioned for comfort and balance. With its unique design both ‘Anti-Kick-Back’ brakes can be applied in unison.

Clone 3D brake handle
Clone 3D bearings

Main Assembly Bearings and Rails

All Clone 3D machines are fitted with 30mm diameter bearings and rails.

Heavy Duty Main Bearings & Rails

30mm linear bearings and rails for minimum flexing plus smooth and effortless operation.

Clone 3D linear bearings
Clone 3D linear bearing rails

Main Bearing Rails

The main bearing rails are kept low to the work surface. This maximizes stability and keeps obstruction down to a minimum.

‘Quick Release’ Counterbalance Weight Adjustment

The Clone 3D is fitted with a quick release counterbalance weight for fast and easy balance adjustment at any working height. The counterbalance weight arms are also angled to give maximum clearance when carving.

Clone 3D counterbalance weight
Clone 3D router duplicator

High Quality Aluminium Construction

The Clone 3D is designed for a lifetime of use. Made from precision cut 16mm thick 6082 aluminium. Stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers are used throughout.

Clone 3D CD300 Dismantled

When not in use the Clone 3D can be dismantled quickly and easily for storage.

Clone 3D dismantled

Carving area for the Clone 3D CD300

Clone 3D carving area

Design feature video