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Beware – Illegal counterfeit Clone 4D machines

It has been brought to our attention that there are some poor quality, illegal counterfeit Clone 4D machines circulating the market. We strongly advise anyone who is offered one of these machines not to purchase it, new or used, and to report the finding to us. If you are unsure whether the machine is a … Read more

Digital Download Information Packs

Clone 4D plans

Last year, Clone asked visitors to the website whether or not they would be interested in buying a Clone 3D or Clone 4D digital download information pack. The packs would contain all the information and files needed to build either the 3D or 4D duplicator and rotating clamping system. Despite the survey showing a favourable … Read more

What’s the best Wood Carving Machine for you or your business?

router duplicator

People have been carving wood for thousands of years, the oldest known carved wooden object found to date is the Shigir Idol, a totemic sculpture which stands nearly three metres tall. The Shigir Idol is believed to be 11,000 years old which is twice as old as the pyramids. The tradition of wood carving by hand is … Read more

Clone Duplicators – What’s new for 2018

Clone Duplicators

New mobile friendly website. Clone has been on the web since 2010. The business has developed and changed over this time but unfortunately the website had got a little left behind. The old Clone website wasn’t very mobile friendly and as more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet it was … Read more